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Ethical Considerations In Accident Injury Law

Today’s society is full of suspicion when it comes to the intentions of an accident lawyer or personal injury attorney. It is difficult to draw the line between a person’s quest for personal justice and the pursuit of money. However, no matter what a person’s personal intentions are, accident attorneys must remain steadfast in their practice of law and how it applies to their client’s needs.

When exploring the ethics behind accident law, there are a few key areas to consider. First, no ethical attorney that deals with personal injury cases would ever tell clients how much their case is worth without considering the evidence first. If an attorney places a dollar amount on a case without examining medical records or reviewing evidence, then the attorney is in violation of the ethical standards that upholds the honor of the practice of law. It is next to impossible to place a monetary figure on a case without a thorough examination of the evidence.

Some states allow attorneys to provide their clients with cash advances or loans to help supplement their income during court proceedings. However, there are only a few states allowed to provide loans or advances. Therefore, it is unethical for accident injury attorneys in most states to provide their clients with money for living expenses or bills.

In the past, it was unethical for attorneys to provide references from clients that once used their services to new clients. Today, many jurisdictions allow attorneys to provide references from previous clients. However, attorneys should not discuss monetary damages awarded to past clients unless they receive permission to do so from the client.

Premier personal injury law firms, uphold the highest ethical standards and apply those standards to each of our client’s cases. In most cases, the firm will come to you directly and never leave you in the legal dark. They charge no fees unless they win.

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