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How Can I Determine If I Have Chosen A Good Doctor?

Anyone seeking a doctor must ask themselves a few questions before deciding to choose a doctor. Deciding on a doctor is not a quick decision. A person wants a doctor that will treat them right and perform their jobs correctly. A patient needs a doctor that will follow the standard of care, ensuring that they will remain safe under their care.

When a person does not know anything about the doctor they are choosing, they could be in danger. They do not know if that doctor has had previous medical malpractice lawsuits against them or how many years in practice they have had. Learning all the details about a potential doctor is essential for a patient’s own health. Receiving good care can mean the difference between having a great recovery to potentially having to go back to the hospital for further complications.

Every patient should be entitled to have a good doctor and understand their rights when they are encountered with an unskilled doctor. The firm of Percy Martinez in Tampa wants their clients to understand what can be done when they have been provided inadequate care resulting in their injury. Everyone deserves a doctor that they can trust and feel comfortable around. When a patient is sick or injured, the doctor will be an important person in their life and possibly there for long-term.

Questions to Ask Yourself Before Choosing a Doctor

These are some questions that a patient seeking the care of a doctor should ask themselves and research:

  • How many years in practice does the physician have?
  • Are there any known incidents associated with the physician?
  • Does the patient feel comfortable with the doctor?
  • Are waiting for appointments too long?
  • How does the office staff treat the patient? Are they welcomed?
  • Is the physician a part of a hospital that you approve of?
  • If you had a concern and called the physician, how long will it take for them to call the patient back?

A patient should not feel shy about asking as many questions as possible because that is their health on the line. When a patient is not knowledgeable about the doctor and his functions and encounters a negligent doctor, the patient can suffer extreme harms. Some mistakes include:

  • Not providing the patient with the correct diagnoses
  • Improperly operating on the patient
  • Not ordering the recommended tests according to the symptoms
  • Not giving the patient the right medication for their illness or injury

Being treated in a negligent manner and getting injured because of it is considered medical malpractice. A patient who has experienced a harm during their stay at a hospital, treatment by a doctor, or care by the staff, can seek compensation for the damages they have endured. Percy Martinez’s Tampa Office helps victims of medical malpractice that have sustained an injury by a negligent medical professional. They work to obtain the full amount that is owed to the patient for their damages.

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