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Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

Proving Traumatic Brain InjuryTraumatic brain injury (TBI) is the term used to describe the damage to the brain suffered as a result of a sudden physical force. The human brain consists of billions of microscopic fibers, suspended in cerebrospinal fluid. While the exterior skull is smooth, the inner surface contains ribbing and pronounced bony structures. Impact with these inner surfaces of the skull causes tearing and bruising that results in brain damage. Some symptoms of TBI may include concussion, seizure, headache, dizziness, inability to concentrate, loss of memory, and even anxiety and depression. An attorney must have a thorough understanding of the symptoms of TBI in order to adequately present a case for damages to the jury. An experienced car accident lawyer at Law Office Of Phillips, Worthington and Allen P.A. can ensure that you undergo a CT or MRI scan in order to reveal any undetected brain injuries that may have occurred as a result of the auto accident.

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