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How Long Does A Divorce Typically Take To Resolve In Maryland?

There are two types of divorces.  The first type of divorce is a separation with a separation agreement.  Those end up getting put on a fast track. I think the county record is 28 days from the day that a separation agreement was signed and the complaint was filed until we had a divorce order.  That took a little bit of arm-twisting to get done.  Typically, though it will take 90 to 120 days on an uncontested divorce and six months to a year if you have contested.

Again, that can change a lot depending on the court calendars and when you file, and how busy the court is. Generally, our courts are much quicker than other courts in the state.  If this is going on in Baltimore or some busy courts, divorces very often take a couple of years to go through if they’re litigated and there are issues.

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How Would You Define a Successful Outcome in A Divorce Case?

If I have accomplished my client’s goals, I find that to be a success. When I first meet with the client, we go through and set the goals as to what we want as far as marital property and custody and where we go with that. When I feel that I walk out of the divorce and I’ve gotten everything that we discussed in my initial meeting, then I’ve done well.  In some cases, you do better than others; in some cases, you do worse.  I’ve had some cases where my client has done much, much better than what we thought when he first walked in the door.

I have also been successful on many occasions in getting more of the property and more often than not, that was because of some mistakes that were made by opposing counsel or sometimes even against unrepresented people who don’t really know how to present evidence and can’t understand the rules. Again, if you can’t present your case, then you’re generally going to end up losing.

What Sets Your Firm Apart in Handling Divorce Cases?

As far as Garrett County is concerned, we’re the most experienced firm. We have more attorneys than any other firm here. We’ve done hundreds and hundreds of divorces over our time here. We have a good amount of experience in dealing with these matters and all of our attorneys have been handling these types of cases since they started as nearly half of the filings in civil cases or civil filings these days are in divorce and family law.

We are also very familiar with the law as opposed to if you’re bringing someone in from out of town. A lot of practicing law is knowing what your local judges do and how they rule certain things. That gives us a leg up because if we get an attorney from Baltimore who practices in every courthouse in the state, they may not know some of the particular things that will favor our local judges. That is a very good experience to have it’s much easier to predict what a judge will do if you practice in front of them often and we are in front of our local judges every week.

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