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At What Point in Time Should I Contact a Good Attorney?

The Law Office Phillips & Allen PA Nov. 20, 2022

It is prudent to develop a relationship with a good attorney in your area. Even if that Attorney does not ultimately handle your particular type of case, they can assist you in finding a good attorney that will. A good starting point is to speak with friends and family, whose opinion you respect, regarding their recommendation for an Attorney. Over half our business comes from former client referrals. If you need an attorney outside your home area, do some research on the internet to find attorneys that handle your type of case, make phone calls, and schedule an appointment(s). Understand that coming up first on an internet search tells you that the Attorney has good internet marketing; it tells you nothing about their ability as an attorney. When seeking an attorney, consider the following as positive: an attorney takes your call or returns your message timely (within 24 to 36 hours; good attorneys are often busy; also, good attorneys receive a tremdous volume of phone messages and emails, if you do not receive a return call, please call again); the attorney takes the time to ask you detailed questions about your case, circumstances, and goals; the attorney presents as knowlegable (it is a good sign if an attorney acknowledges not knowing something as long as they express the intent to research the answer); the attorney is personable (law practice is a people business); the attorney outlines possible strategies, results, and probabilities of the possible outcomes (it is difficult to predict outcomes early in a case); the attorney is clear in setting how legal fees are set (in certain types of cases, it is impossible to predict how much time a case will require, a good attorney will set a minimum payment, and the likely range of the fees). Some negative warning signs are as follows: the attorney promises you the proverbial moon, sun and stars; none of the attorneys speak with on the phone or return your calls); the attorney is not personable; the attorney does not ask you detailed questions about your case, circumstances, and goals; the attorney sets a comparatively very low fee or very high fee. Lastly, ask yourself whether you feel the attorney is being realistic, direct, and interested in meeting your needs.

How Can I Discover Where A Friend Or Family Member Goes After An Arrest?

Call law enforcement.

Will An Attorney Be Able To Get My Friend Or Family Member Released from Jail Immediately?

This depends on the circumstances of the case and the resources available to make bail. The Eighth Amendment to the U.S constitution

prohibits excessive bail. The primary issues in regards to setting bail are fighting risk, danger to the community, and ability to pay. Commissioners and Judges vary widely on setting bail amounts. The timing of the arrest and the court schedule effects the outcome as well. For example, bail hearing are held in District Court at 9:00 am 1:00 pm on Court business days; commissioners are generally available most hours of the day and night to set a preliminary bail amount. For example, if a commissioner sets a reasonable bail that a particular Defendant can make, it is smart to pay it rather than go before a judge who may raise the bail amount.

Can I Hire Another Attorney If I Am Not Satisfied With The Services Provided?

Yes, as long as there is sufficient time pretrial, or if the court will allow for a continuance. As attorneys, we can be at a bit of a disadvantage when we take over an existing case because often events have occurred in the case that are not adequately reflected in the file and/or transcripts. The decision is one of whether the existing attorney is actually fumbling the ball in a material way or is it just a matter of miscommunication and/or unrealistic expectations.

Do People Often Hire You After Having An Unpleasant Experience With Another Attorney?

“Often” is a bit too strong. Most Attorneys are competent. That being said, we do accept clients that report having had a bad experience with their former attorney provided it seems reasonable. However, it is a proverbial red flag if a potential client that has been through several previous attorneys, especially if one of the former Attorneys is known to us as being competent.

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