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Can You Describe Any Interesting Cases Involving Personal Injury?

The Law Office Phillips & Allen PA Nov. 20, 2022

How Do Situations Involving Head Injuries Usually Happen?

Head injuries are usually caused by a blow to the head in some form or another, whether it was from a steering wheel, glass, or anything else. I recently handled a case from Wal-Mart where an infant was in a cart with his mother and one of those steel stands that had the price signs on it fell and struck the child on the head and put him into a seizure. They had set up the stand improperly because the stands in Wal-Mart are all different now so for the most part the stand did not have a base because it was designed to be wedged in between an aisle display.

Head injuries can be extremely difficult cases because the nature of the injury is often very difficult to put a finger on. The person would really have to have good treatment, good doctors, and good initial treatment.

Could Someone Actually Have A Case During A Black Friday Incident?

Certainly. I think these Black Friday incidents are a big deal and I have often wondered why nobody has really gotten slammed for something like that. A lot of these companies have now started addressing this issue, so they have started making the Black Friday events rolling openings, where they do tickets and things like that to try and prevent the level of activity that usually happens.

Do You Handle Burn Injuries Or Burn Accidents?

This would obviously depend on the cause of the burn, but yes.

What Would Someone Need In Order To Have A Valid Product Liability Case?

Simply put a defective product. The biggest thing is that everybody wants to have a case, so we basically need to filter out all the situations that do not qualify as actual claims. It would ultimately come down to whether or not the person had serious injuries so it could be established whether or not they had a case that was really worth going after but a product specialist would be need to show a design flaw.

Hard tissue injuries like broken bones or severed limbs are injuries that a jury accepts, because they would be able to see pictures and x-rays showing the damage. They do not tend to understand soft tissues cases, and unfortunately sometimes those soft tissue injuries can ultimately evolve into a nerve case when fully developed.

Do You See A Lot Of Injuries That Happen At The Workplace?

We do take cases involving injuries that happened at work. A lot of injuries do happen at work, so there are usually mixed claims. Some claims would be for workers’ compensation, whereas others would be for negligence against third parties. Obviously, if someone who was driving a van for FedEx got rear ended or t-boned by a truck, then they would have their compensation claim against their employer because they would have gotten injured in the course of their work. They would also be able to have a third-party claim against the person who was responsible for the injury.

What Is The Most Common Time Of Day When Auto Injuries Or Auto Accidents Occur?

Based on my own experience, the most common types of auto accidents I have represented tend to happen in the evening or during bad weather conditions. Sight is generally limited in the evening and in bad weather conditions, so not only would sight be limited but the road conditions would also be challenging.

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