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Do You Handle Medical Malpractice or Nursing Home Abuse?

The Law Office Phillips & Allen PA Nov. 19, 2022

We review almost all the medical malpractice cases that we get called about because the biggest thing with medical malpractice would be making sure the person found the right attorney, and that is usually something that we are able to help with.

We recently reviewed and sent out a medical malpractice case and it cost a fortune. The hospital had cut a benign kidney out of a woman because it had a suspicious looking mass on it that was diagnosed as cancer. Ultimately, the urologist who we sent it to said that what the doctors had done was still within the standard of care. The complication that occurred was a tear of the aortic artery, which almost caused her to bleed out and caused a lot of brain damage and other complications.

This would still be considered a normal sort of occurrence in these things because the kidney is so vascular, so in almost every case it would have to be removed. The location of the mass meant that a partial removal, called partial nephrectomy, could not be performed. The location of it required that a full nephrectomy be done meaning that the whole kidney would need to be removed.

When they did the procedure, then for whatever reason they did not disconnect the aortic artery to it properly, and the woman almost bled out. Even in this case, the standard of care was not breached because the specialist doctor said that this was something that might occur sometimes and it would be more a case of a bad result as opposed to professional negligence.

Does Nursing Home Abuse Fall Into The Same Category As Medical Malpractice?

All of these things would fall into the category of professional negligence, and generally in cases of professional negligence, the person would need to find somebody who was highly specialized in those areas.

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