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How Can Someone Know if Their Slip and Fall Case Is Worth Pursuing?

The Law Office Phillips & Allen PA Nov. 20, 2022

It is extremely difficult to be successful at slip and fall cases, so we would need to look at many factors, including what caused the slip and fall, how much notice was given by the defendant about the slippery conditions, so that we can establish responsibility.

The most common claims involve ice, which makes them very difficult to prove, since ice is a factor when the temperature is below freezing, and it may not be possible to get rid of the ice when temperatures are that low. In many cases the plaintiff is a victim to the defect in the condition of the surface, floor or their footing.

We would have to look for things that were out of the ordinary to prove a slip and fall case, such as rolled up carpets in an area, defects in the flooring, or loose rocks, loose steps, loose boards, loose tiles and those kinds of things that were not noticeable where the person had to place their footing. These factors would be critical for a good slip and fall case, as well as anything that might not be noticed by the plaintiff or the victim, in his reasonable travels and observation.

Should Someone Feel Intimidated If They Slipped And Fell At A Large Chain?

People should not be intimidated by large chains because they can sometimes be the easiest to deal with. The person who slips and falls should get a report and a copy of anything that the chain was willing to provide with regards to the incident.

Most large chains and commercial establishments have a no-fault insurance payment amount that a person could claim regardless of fault, which would help recover for damages. Some people take advantage of this, even if they can’t establish liability, although liability is liability, whether it involves a large chain or a small store. If the case and the injury were significant enough, the one thing an injured person can feel assured of is that the large chain will have adequate coverage to cover the damages.

How Much Would An Attorney Cost For A Slip And Fall Case?

Most attorneys in slip and fall cases charge contingency fees if there is clear liability, or at least arguable liability, on the part of the defendant, so it should not cost anything to speak to an attorney or to prosecute the claim.

How Can Someone Be Compensated If They Might Not Be Able To Walk Or Work The Same Way Again?

There are ways to rate a person’s level of impairment if they suffered a significant injury, and that would become a component of their damage claim against the responsible party.

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