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How Does Bail Work and How Is It Set?

The Law Office Phillips & Allen PA Nov. 20, 2022

In Maryland, most people are initially brought before a commissioner so that the commissioner can set bail. Once an attorney was retained, then even after the bail was set, the attorney would be able to request a bail hearing to get it adjusted.

Bail can be set up in different ways, it can be a 100 percent bail where the bail would be set at $1,000 and the person would have to put up the full $1,000, or the court can set it at a percentage bail where the bail would be set at $1,000 but the person would only have to put up 10 percent, which would be $100 and they would be able to get that money back if they paid the bail themselves, however the person would owe the balance of the bail if they did not show up on a percentage bond.

Many people who do not have money for bail, go to a bail bondsman. The bail bondsman would basically charge a percentage, maybe 10 percent, and then they would put up the lump sum of the money. The problem for the defendant in that situation would be that the percentage the defendant paid to the bail bondsman would not be returned and it would be kept as their fee.

Would Someone Have To Pay It All In Cash, And Can They Ever Get It Back?

They would be able to get back the money they paid to the court if they showed up. However, they would never get back the money they paid to a bail bondsman.

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