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How Has Your Experience Been in Handling Motorcycle Accident Cases?

The Law Office Phillips & Allen PA Nov. 20, 2022

I have over 27 years of experience working with personal injury cases, and in all those years, I have represented individuals with motorcycle accidents. We currently are settling a case right now for policy limits of the third-party insurer, and the UM/UIM (uninsured/underinsured motorist) insurance cases with the fidelity, so they are paying out. I am also an avid motorcycle rider as well, so I have lot of experience with motorcycles, and liability components related to these accidents.

Does Everyone Involved In A Motorcycle Accident Claim Need An Attorney?

Not everyone needs an attorney if there are no injuries, but if there are injuries, I think it is a smart idea to consult with an experienced attorney in these kinds of accidents. If there are no injuries, then it is simply a property damage case. I would say that it is not that necessary, because if the liabilities is clear, and it ensures you agree, that you are generally going to pay out the fair market value of the bike on the property damage side anyway. If there are any injuries, it is worthwhile consulting an experienced attorney who has had success in dealing with these accidents.

Do Other Motorists Have A Certain Duty Or Responsibility Towards Motorcyclists?

All motorists have a duty to everyone on the road, and all motorists have owed the same duty to motorcyclists as they do to everyone else. The same rules of the road apply to motorcyclists, and drivers of other vehicles with respect to motorcyclists. Therefore, it is the same rules of the road for everyone.

How Are Motorcycle Wrecks Different Than Other Automobile Accidents?

Injuries are usually more severe in most motorcycle accidents. Most non-motorcyclists do not understand the liability issues, cause, and causation components of motorcyclists. Therefore, they frequently want to attribute a cause to a motorcyclist, and in general, there is the theme that insurers like to follow, that just riding a motorcycle in and of it is dangerous. Therefore, that is one of the issues you take into account when you represent all motorcycle drivers. There is that general theme that they want to apply to make it look bad, just because you are on a motorcycle.

What The Common Causes Of Motorcycle Accidents?

The most frequent types of cases that we handle for motorcycle accidents are usually the most significant injuries, when people pull out in front of one another. Somebody pulls out in front of you, runs an intersection, or improper lane changes, they hit you, and knock you over. It is somewhat funny, but I was involved in both those kinds of accidents. One was that I was rear-ended on a motorcycle, so I cannot only say, that is a common occurrence, but they do occur. However, probably the number one is pullouts, just not looking, and seeing the motorcycle when they turn into oncoming traffic.

What Types Of Injuries Are Generally Sustained In Motorcycle Wrecks?

At a minimum, usually there are some lacerations, some road rash, in most motorcycle accidents, but they run the gamut from head injuries all the way to fatalities. We are resolving one accident right now for policy limits with all the insurers involved. They are going to pay policy limits on this fatality.

Is A Motorcyclist Or A Passenger Required To Wear A Helmet And Safety Gear in Maryland?

Yes, in Maryland, you are required to use a helmet, and the second part of that question, we do not really need to even give an answer on that.

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