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How to Assess the Damages in An Automobile Accident?

The Law Office Phillips & Allen PA Nov. 20, 2022

If you or anyone around you has gone through self or property damage in a car accident, you can recover the monetary damages by filing an accident claim. Every auto accident case is different and recoverable depending on numerous reasons.

An experienced attorney can assist you in recognizing the reasons of damages that you have faced and can describe how the case is assessed.

Types of Damages

Following are the damages that can be compensated by the accident lawyers:

Medical Costs

Medical costs are an important part of the accident claim. Medical expenses are reimbursed after a detailed analysis, treatment and hospitalization costs. You must have all the bills, invoices and prescription as an evidence for medical reimbursement. You will need the following documents to get the medical cost reimbursed:

  • Doctors remarks

  • Remark and invoices of Physical therapy sessions.

  • Analysis records

  • Bills from treatments

  • Medical prescribed bottles and invoices

Property Damage

In a car accident usually the damages are occurred to your automobile. In case of car damage, the compensation may cover the cost of repairing or replacing the car that was lost in the accident. If the car was rented you may also get its reimbursement. You must save the bills and receipts that you got from replacing and repairing your automobile or other damaged properties.

Lost Earning Capacity

In some cases in which an individual gets seriously injured that causes disability or inability to work. In this situation, you will need the help of an economic professional observer to describe the complete amount of the lost earning capacity.

Lost Wages

The doctor may recommend you to stay at home during the period of recovery from the injury.  For this, you will provide your payroll that mentions your regular pay rate and the number of hours that were missed by you to your lawyer for documentation. You can get the total compensation for that wages that you lost during this time.

Pain and Suffering

Not all the damages are possible to calculate. For instance, you may suffer a high level of suffering and pain caused by the accident. Mental health can also be disturbed because of the trauma suffered and may need counseling. Hence you can also get the compensation for mental sufferings.

Most of the cases are solved by the insurance reimbursement that is subject to the amount of damage covered under the insurance policy. Though, the insurance company only pays the damages to the upper limit of the policy. An expert Visalia Auto Accident Attorney can make sure that you file your car accident as soon as possible. So, if the insurance company is not paying the suitable amount of compensation you can further go to the court before the deadline ends. Every automobile accident case is different; therefore the compensation also differs from case to case.