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What Are Some Examples of Witnesses Utilized in Personal Injury Cases?

The Law Office Phillips & Allen PA Nov. 20, 2022

The witnesses we use are factual witnesses and experts. Fact witnesses are people that actually have firsthand knowledge of the facts or events in question. Other types of witnesses are basically experts and they are going to be experts on causation and damages and the experts on causation will typically be medical providers or engineers that look at the injuries or the way that the injury happened, was it a machine or something like that.

The other experts are going to be damage-type experts. They are going to be your life care planners, vocational experts and economic experts or economists. We use a Ph.D. economist a lot and he has a partner that is a vocational expert, so we use those two individuals all the time on any significant case.

We have a vocational report and an economic report for lost wages, and then the certified life care planners, those are the type of experts they could take the statements from the medical records and they can basically evaluate them and put them into a long term care plan and that plan has value. If somebody gets hurt and is paralyzed, a lot of times, part of that long term care plan is continue treatment and changing the house around and getting all the stuff that you need to have to handle a person who has paraplegia.

Basically, you need an expert for all that kind of stuff, so those are the experts you use; certified life care planner, economist, vocational expert and then certainly your medical experts for causation and the engineers if you need to prove something related to a machine or whatever. Those are the experts that are used as witnesses and fact witnesses that can testify about the events.

Can A Personal Injury Claim Arise from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a nerve syndrome in your hands. There are a couple of ways it could be caused and it can be a decent personal injury case. There is certainly the workers’ comp component of it when you’re doing repetitive motion with your hands in a workers’ comp arena or a workers’ comp type case, that’s probably a workers’ comp question but the carpal tunnel syndrome happens traumatically too.

I’ve had a couple of cases where someone was hanging onto the steering wheel and they got struck really hard from behind and the flexing of their wrist caused some pretty severe issues in their hands and it was like a traumatic type of carpal tunnel syndrome. They can be related and they can be related back by injuries if the accident makes sense and it caused the injury. They are worthy claims.

What Are Some Things That Make Your Firm a Good Choice for Handling Personal Injury Claims?

A couple of things. Between all of this here, we have a great deal of years of experience, many years, multiple decades of experience and we’ve seen a lot of different types of cases from all your wrongful deaths to your slow speed car accident cases.

Any Last Bit of Advice For Someone Pursuing A Personal Injury Case?

My last bit of advice for someone who is looking for a personal injury attorney is basically go visit the attorney and meet with them and make sure you’re comfortable before you make a decision. There are a lot of personal injury mills. I like to call them mills because you almost never see the lawyer you’re working with. You make phone calls, they send you an agreement, you never go to see him, you send the paperwork to him and you barely ever meet anyone. Make sure you meet the attorney that you hire and make sure you’re comfortable with them in that county. Do some homework.

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