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What Are the Consequences of A Prescription Medication DUI?

The Law Office Phillips & Allen PA Nov. 20, 2022

Do You Have To Have An Interlock After A DUI In Maryland? And If So, Does That Also Apply To Prescription Medication DUI?

No, they don’t have the drug interlock system. And it is not known if that technology is even available. They would have to essentially do some kind of a blood test.

Certain drugs are going to show up in someone’s breath, the things that are smoked perhaps would show up immediately after it was taken but for the most part, they would probably need some kind of a drug test. Again, it is not known if that technology is available or even exists, and if it does exist, it’s certainly unavailable yet in Maryland.

In Maryland, Is The Alcohol Interlock System Necessary Even If The DUI Is Drug Or Prescription Related?

The attorneys of Phillips & Allen P.A. have not seen a drug case where they impose an interlock system, an alcohol interlock system. If alcohol is involved, yes, that’s on the field but in a drug case, he has not seen them do that yet and it does seem insane if you look at it if drug people have to get an alcohol interlock system in their car, that’s crazy.

If A Driver Had A Prior DUI That Was Alcohol Based, Does Anything Change If Their Second DUI Is A Drug DUI Or Does It Not Matter?

No. If you have a prior driving while under the influence of something, it is often viewed by prosecutors and judges as a prior and they view it as two different kinds of apples as opposed to apples and oranges.

How Is A Prescription DUI Reflected On A Person’s Record? Does It Say What It Was For And Could It Affect Their Life In Terms Of Employment?

Yes, certainly. Generally, my impression is that the alcohol prior traffic records are not necessarily as damaging as the drug cases are. It’s really a cultural phenomenon; alcohol and driving is disliked but unless someone’s driving for the job, the alcohol is not viewed as harshly as the drugs.

Certainly, the police reports, the court, the recording in court, the record of a transcript that’s going to show what drug it is. When you do a search in Maryland on the website, it’s generally not going to show what drug was involved. It’s going to either identify marijuana or not marijuana, depending on what you were using.

That can be a good thing or a bad thing. If you’re using a crack or meth, that’s a good thing if it’s seen on something like taking too much of your anxiety medicine, and it would probably be better if that was out there because that doesn’t look bad.

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