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What Do You Look for In a Viable Motorcycle Accident Case?

The Law Office Phillips & Allen PA Nov. 20, 2022

Good liability is the most important aspect in a motorcycle case. Did somebody violate a clear law of the road that caused our client injuries? That is what we are looking for, first and foremost

What Damages Can Someone Hope To Recover In A Motorcycle Accident Case?

There are same types of damages you can receive for any personal injury case, But, generally, speaking they are past, present, future wages, and pain and suffering, that kind of stuff. Past, present, future wages, and medicals are very pretty important topics. Those are any kind of damages that result from the accident, and causes and injuries, including any future issues.

How Important Are Investigations And Reconstructions In A Motorcycle Accident Claim?

Investigations are very important in any motorcycle claim; unless there is already, a police report filed that talk about causation. If there is not some form of investigation, or reenactment done, reenactments are great for trial. They show what happened in the trial, but the investigation component of this is important because that is what establishes a liability. There is always two fundamental things you must prove in a motorcycle accident and is that is the liability and damages. Therefore, I would say those are very important.

How Important To Retain An Attorney For A Motorcycle Accident Claim?

Why do you need an attorney for a motorcycle accident claim, because it is impossible to prove damages without expert witnesses, and that is what I was eluding to when I said we would go into this in another question. Past, present, and future wages, and medical bills are impossible to deal without experts. Not so much the past stuff, because you can look back at how much wages you lost while you were recovering. Then you can look and see how much the medical damages cost, immediately after an injury, but what is really difficult in these cases, is the future wages and medical bills.

For example, we have a case now where someone has experience a displaced aorta and a broken back from a motorcycle accident. He is in his fifties. The displaced aorta does not need to be treated now; it will need to be monitored for the rest of his life. Eventually, they will have to do surgery to repair the heart. Therefore, you need to be able to clearly prove the damages related to that injury. How do you do that? There is just really one way you do it. You do it with expert witnesses. You need a life care plan by a certified life-care planner; you need an economist who talks about how much that life care plan will cost. Therefore, that is why you need an attorney; you cannot do this on your own.

How Important Is It To Retain An Experienced Attorney For A Motorcycle Accident Case?

Only attorneys that understand motorcycle rules can truly understand the liability component of these cases. A qualified attorney who practices these cases on a monthly basis can quickly ascertain whether the insurer or the defense attorneys are really playing games with the plaintiff’s attorney. The reason why it is important is that not so much the rules of the road being different, but some laws or different jurisdictions related to motorcycles, and it is important to have people familiar with those laws that are applicable to motorcycles. In some instances, jurisdictions might be a limited tort for automobile accidents, but it does not apply to motorcycles if you ride a motorcycle.

You need to know those kinds of little idiosyncrasies related to motorcycles, more so on the legal component. People that do not practice this law are not aware of these issues.

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