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What Is The Typical DUI Defendant Like?

The Law Office Phillips & Allen PA Nov. 20, 2022

This varies tremendously from client to client and from case to case. I have handled a lot of DUI cases and there have always been unique facts or a combination of facts in a case, so there would always be something unique about each client.

Is There A Difference Between Males And Females When It Comes To A DUI?

Of course there is a difference between men and women regarding DUI. There are certain general metabolic differences between men and women which vary across both groups so much that in the end it really comes down to the individual. Things like body size and metabolic rates do actually have a scientific impact on the breath test, although the law does not go into that at all. A number is a number so if anyone crossed that number, it would be like breaking the speed limit.

A lot of people do not realize that these breath tests create a presumption, so someone in Maryland who blew over .07, but less than .08, would be presumed to be driving while under the influence and if they blew .08 and up, then there would be a presumption that they were driving while under the influence although that presumption could still be beaten and it would just essentially shift the burden of proof.

Do Judges Take Into Account If Someone Is A Single Mother?

Some judges will take that into account, but some will not.

Have People’s Habits Or Behaviors Changed As DUI Laws Have Changed?

The statistics that I have read say that people’s behaviors have changed because there is now less drunk driving going on although a lot of people are still drinking and driving and I know this because I handle several of these cases every month.

Will Someone’s Job, Friends And Family Find Out They Had Been Arrested?

Part of the American system is that court records are public records, although DUI arrests typically do not make the major media outlets. If an employer were to search the Maryland Judicial Case Search system, then they would absolutely be able to find the records pertaining to the person’s arrest, but of course law enforcement does not report or call employers or do anything like that.

What Percentage Of The Time Do Former Clients Get Another DUI?

In my experience, more people than not get one DUI but then do not get another one, although maybe one in three people does come back a second time.

Why Do People Tend To Reoffend?

This would have more to do with the person’s personality. People might get together with their college friends and then have a little too much fun or they might relive their youth a bit too much and end up drinking a little too much. They would want to get back to their hotel but then get arrested once. Even if the end result was good at that time, it would still be a rough process so no one would want to go through it a second time.

Most people learn their lesson and they are more careful the next time. Some people might have a drinking problem. Alcohol encourages people to make poor decisions. Regardless of their best intentions when they are sober, they get intoxicated and decide to drive again.

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