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What Qualiefies for A Dog Bite Case in Maryland?

The Law Office Phillips & Allen PA Nov. 20, 2022

I personally consider any bite by a dog is an injury. I rather group them into a dog bite types of claims. That is why I do not think Maryland does not really make a distinction so much, but it can speak for itself, a dog bite is a dog bite. There are known cases where people were knocked over or other kinds of cases involving dogs. I even had dogs knock individuals off their bicycles before, but any kind of injury caused by the dog is something that is considered a dog bite case.

Is There A Certain Breed Of Dog More Involved In Dog Bite Cases Than Others?

There are certainly breeds of dogs that seem to have a higher disposition towards violence, attacking, or aggressive behavior, but that is really an oversimplification of many things. The type of dog really does not matter, but it is more along the lines of whether or not the people do, or should have known about the dogs’ dangerous propensities beforehand. Everybody talks about the bulldogs or pit bulls. I have a case now where an English bulldog attacked someone, but it is really kind of an oversimplification. We have seen all kinds of breeds, it does not matter what kind of breed it is, as long as you have the other requirements of liability.

Are Dog Bite Cases Generally Between Strangers Or Acquaintances?

Dog bites are usually between someone who has some knowledge or contact of the other. It is common amongst neighbors, this is what happens. Neighbors, neighbors’ kids, something along those lines, although sometimes it can be strangers or third-parties that are attacked by a dog, but most times, I would say more often than not, it is usually a neighbor or some family acquaintance.

What Are The Common Scenarios Associated With Dog Bite Cases?

There are really two scenarios associated with dog bites. The two common scenarios are knockdowns and bites. Those are really the two most common scenarios.

What Are The Common Types Of Injuries Sustained In Dog Bite Cases?

The most common types of injuries with dog bites are lacerations and broken bones. The lacerations will often lead to scarring; broken bones happen if the dog knocks someone over in a full out run. If it is particularly the elderly, then more broken limbs come into play, because they are at a fragile state. They also suffer more tissue damage.

How Severe Must Dog Bite Injuries Be In Order To Make A Personal Injury Claim?

Dog bites do not have to be that severe if there is scarring involved. Anything that involves scarring is something that you should consult an attorney about. They do not really have to be that severe, but certainly, if the injury is life threatening, the more important it is to talk to consult with an attorney

Who Would Be Held Liable In A Dog Bite Injury Claim?

Anyone who has ownership or control of that particular animal at the time of the incident is deemed liable. Maryland’s laws discusses ownership or control on various instances, but anyone who had ownership or control of the dog could potentially be a defendant or responsible for the injury.

Under What Circumstances Would A Pet Owner Not Be Held Liable?

There is an old rule that we like to refer to as every dog gets one bite. An owner might not be held liable if he or she had no prior knowledge of any dangerous propensity for injury. Those are the times where an owner would not be held liable, if they did not have any prior knowledge that the dog was violent.

Who Should Someone Contact After A Dog Bite Incident?

It is very simple; there is always animal control in Maryland. Call the Animal Control Center right away, and get them to come out and make a report. Alternatively, you could call your local sheriff’s department; it is a good idea to have them come. The reason why you want to have them come out is Animal Control is used to these kinds of things. They know how to handle all these cases, including taking statements from witnesses if there are any. Always after the fact, most folks will retain an attorney if there are any injuries involved, especially if medical support was needed, and a claim could be made.

Many things can happen between being released from the hospital concerning any dog attacks that involve injuries. You want the professionals to handle it, because dogs are not like people, and they cannot speak. The dog will not be able to tell you who his owner is, so animal control, and local law enforcement will oftentimes take statements from witnesses. They will make those admissions as to who is the owner, or who had control of the dog. It is important to get hold of animal control, and the local law enforcement to get those kinds of statements, because that is going to absolutely destroy a good case if they cannot prove whose dog it was.

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