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What Types of Experts Are Utilized for A Personal Injury Case?

The Law Office Phillips & Allen PA Nov. 20, 2022

An economist, vocational rehab expert, certified life care planner, and a physician are four experts that would take a person from saying their case was worth five thousand, to saying their case was worth a several million.

What Does A Vocational Rehab Expert Do To Evaluate The Case?

The vocational rehab expert would often be needed because he would be able to judge how much functionality the person has lost because of the accident. For instance, he might judge that the person basically had a ten percent loss of use of his right arm.

A disability expert would then say that because of the injury, the person would be limited to only certain types of jobs. The economist would take that statement from the vocational expert and say that keeping in mind what the person was making before and what the person would currently be able to make, they would be able to predict the kind of lifetime earnings reduction that might be seen as a result of the injury.

Based on what the treating physicians or the physician experts said, the certified life care planner would put forward what the treatment plan would basically be for the rest of the person’s life in addition to that lifetime disability, and that it would cost him a certain amount of money.

This is where the money would really come into play because these treatment plans can be two, three, four, five or six million dollars sometimes, depending on how bad the injury was.

What Happens When Someone Cannot Work Or Walk The Same Anymore?

They would need a disability rating. This would then be a part of lost wages or lost future wages, so economists would be used to establish what the person’s future lost wages might be. We ask for them at the time of the trial. Lost wages also include medical expenses or future medical expenses. Certified life care planners put a dollar figure on what the person might need and they usually even include modifications that might be needed at the person’s home to fix it. Future damages would be the dollar figure on what would be needed in the future for additional medical expenses and other life care needs.

An individual would never be able to get future damages on their own simply because they would not know how to do that.

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