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What Types of Personal Injury Cases Do You Handle?

The Law Office Phillips & Allen PA Nov. 20, 2022

I have handled wrongful deaths, such as a bar shooting that resulted in death. I have also handled head injury cases, car accidents, serious car accidents, and cases involving broken bones, broken backs, and broken necks.

Do You Handle Motorcycle Accidents And Accidents Involving 18 Wheelers?

Yes, I do handle motorcycle accidents and I have also handled some truck accidents. A couple of these accidents resulted in nerve damage and some very significant injuries. The accidents involved different scenarios, such as one truck that failed to stop so it collided with a car which resulted in a significant amount of damage. There was a nerve root impingement problem on the person’s shoulder where the seat belt strap demolished the person’s shoulder.

In another interesting case, a tractor trailer came off of a highway up in Northeastern PA, and came down over an embankment onto the oncoming highway. This caused another oncoming tractor trailer driver to react so his truck jackknifed resulting in severe damages.

Would Falling Signage Fall Into The Premises Liability Category?

Yes, that would absolutely be a premises liability case.

Do You Handle Slip And Falls?

I do handle these types of cases, but they would have to be really severe injuries. I do not handle slip and falls for minor injuries because they are generally very difficult to prove. I used to defend slip and fall, after looking at the situation where someone came into the door, into the hallway, or came into the store where they fell, we would ask the person whether they were looking down at the floor.

If the person said no, then the next question would be whether or not the person was looking where they were walking, and whether it was normal for them to look where they were walking. It can be really tough because the jury tends to be really tough on slip and fall. People are generally supposed to watch where they walk to avoid slip and falls.

There would have to be significant damage for an attorney to get involved in a slip and fall case, otherwise they would run the risk of losing, particularly in Maryland because it is a contributory negligent state in Pennsylvania that’s different it a comparative negligence state as in simply whos most at fault. Contributory negligence means that the person will not succeed if they were responsible in any way, shape, or form, or if they had contributed in some manner to the event or to the damage sustained.

It would be different in Pennsylvania, where I also practice. They are a comparative negligence state, which means that the person would be able to recover some form of damages as long as the victim was no greater than fifty percent responsible for the slip and fall.

Do You Deal With Bicycle Or Pedestrian Accidents?

An individual walking on the street would be called a pedestrian. A lot of times people do not realize that even if the person was a pedestrian their own auto insurance would be able to help them out in those kinds of cases because it would be an accident involving a motor vehicle, even though the pedestrian obviously was not driving one. A lot of times, the person would have insurance coverage under their own policy that would help them with their damages in excess of what the defendant’s policy might be.

Pedestrian cases are good cases, although the problem with Maryland is that since they are a contributory negligent state, so even if the person was a pedestrian, they would still need to make sure they were doing everything right in the state of Maryland.

The person would need to cross roads using crosswalks and they would have to walk on the shoulders and walk in the right direction.

Do You Handle Cases Involving Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

We generally do not get into cases involving carpel tunnel syndrome because it involves degrees of repetition and it is more on the lines of workers’ compensation. We are not a firm that deals with workers’ compensation so we would send something like that to a firm that did handle worker’s compensation.

What Different Accidents Do Children Get Into?

Children can get into every kind of accident imaginable because they are children. One of the interesting things about children is that almost without exception, under a certain age; they really cannot be responsible for themselves. An adult has a duty to protect their children from their own actions.

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